Karl & Simone

Our house has a great kitchen, but it was dark, almost like a cave and with a recently installed patio cover it was now even darker. We needed to brighten up the kitchen and dining area without adding additional electrical lighting.

We had done our homework; been to the home show, talked with the exhibitors and doing the follow-up research.

Enter Donnelly Skylights, Larry dropped by the house to do an assessment and give us a quote. His amicable personality coupled with decades of experience using an internationally proven product enabled him to clearly explain the products and offer the best solution to meet our needs and budget.

Normally we do 3 quotes on any house renovations, but in this case it was obvious that hiring Larry and his team to do the job was the way to go. The 10 year warranty and fair price sealed the deal and as a result of this we made an exception to our rule and did not bother getting further quotes.

Less than a week after agreeing to move forward his son and assistant dropped by and professionally installed 2 sun tunnels in a morning. Friendly and efficient there were no problems and they cleaned up their work area nicely.

The end result was that the installation of the 2 sun tunnels by Donnelly Skylights exceeded expectations. The kitchen and dining area are now filled with light and we couldn’t be happier.

Thank you Donnelly Skylights